To welcome 2023, the members of the board of the International Forum for Headache Nurses (IFHN) met for a face-to-face work retreat aiming to map out plans for future activities of IFHN. The three days work retreat held in Trondheim, Norway, was an effective way for the board members to step out of daily routines and immerse in an environment in which time and energy have been spent and focussed on plans and programmes that aims to benefit the forum and beyond. 

Uninterrupted time was spent brainstorming and updating focussed on the subject matter – improving headache care and nurse empowerment. 

The relaxing ambience and rapport between board members sparked new imaginative ideas and creativity to keep the energy and momentum of the forum. 

But it was so much more than a productive meeting. It was also an opportunity to visit the world-renowned Norwegian centre for headache research, NorHead, at St Olav’s Hospital. It was also a much-needed meeting to relax, laugh, network and reconnect. 

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